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Naming Dedications

Available on Mount Zion, Jerusalem, Israel

*The (Your Name)  World Peace Center and Museum        
                                                                   Area "A" $ 90,000,000
                                                                   Area "B" $ 72,000,000
                                        Outdoor Display Area "B" $ 26,000,000


*The (Your Name)  World Torah Center    $180,000,000
                                                          nine stories - 110,000 sq. ft.  


$ 50,000,000
*Chamber of the Holocaust - the “People’s Memorial

$ 13,000,000

                Dedicated in honor of / in memory of______  

      (Established 1949 on Mount Zion, one year after the declaration of statehood)

*(Your Name)  Melechas HaKodesh Institute Building $9,000,000
          *(Your Name)  Israel Institute For Scribal Arts (with exhibit display) $ 3,600,000
          *(Your Name)  Milah Institute $ 1,800,000
          *(Your Name)  Schechita Institute

$ 1,800,000

*(Your Name) Jewish Heritage and Genealogy center

$ 2,600,000

*(Your Name)  Dormitory Building # 3  $ 3,600,000
*Lamed-Vav, The Righteous “36” Builders of Mount Zion $ 1,800,000
       Names engraved on the Great Obelisk  
*Endowment Fund   (Your Name)

$ 100,000+

*Woman of Valor   $ 18,000
E-Mail: mtzion @ MountZionFoundation.org
The Tomb of King David is one of the most revered Holy Places in the State of Israel. It is located on Holy Mount Zion,
and is Israel's seconded most valuable property. The first being The Temple Mount and its Western retaining wall.   
The Mount Zion Foundation was established to help rebuild this Ancient, Biblical upper part of the Old City.
U.S. Tax Exempt 501(c) (3) ID # 59-2659891



     *(Your Name) Ashkelon Spiritual Retreat Center

  $ 7,200,000   


Rabbi G. Goldstein  ( rabbigg@gmail.com )